Foley Studio MAX (FSM)

Foley Studio MAX (FSM)


With Foley Studio Max (FSM), 3D Studio Max users can effortlessly add .wav files that interact with your scenes in 3D space.

Foley Studio MAX for 3ds MAX 9/2008 - w32 and x64

Work Flow Enhancements 

With FSM, you can say good bye to those post-production editing woes since the sound effects are always integrated with your animation. Timing is taken care of automatically, as is randomization of sound events (footsteps for example). When your client wants the camera angle to change or the timing of the animation to change, FSM will effortlessly regenerate the audio to reflect the changes. For most animations, rendering time is only a few seconds!

Realism Previously Unheard Of

With FSM, the 3D position of the sound source is used to generate realistic audio in an environment that is integrated right within the MAX interface. Doppler shift can also be enabled to provide realistic representation of motion. Directional Fade can be used to represent objects that project sound only in certain directions. Try doing that in post-production!

New to FSM V2 are occlusions, this allows objects to occlude (ie. partially block) the sound of another.

Want manual control of the sound effect as well? A TrackView editor that allows you to set the timing for sound sequences, their volume and left/right fade is also provided for additional flexibility.

A Swarm of Sound

Foley Studio MAX inter-operates with MAX's particle systems too! This allows you to assign sounds to both Particle Emitters and individual Particles as they travel through space. You can even trigger sound effects when the Particles collide with deflectors! Each Particle can be treated separately or as a group and still include effects such as 3D Positioning, Doppler Shift and Distance Fade.

Acoustic Materials

V2 introduces Acoustic Materials, that allow you to describe the Acoustic Property of an object. This provides the ability to specify the occlusion ability of any object in your scene. As well, you can now use any mesh in your scene to trigger collision events.

A New Channel for MAX

Using FSM's innovative Foley Channel functionality, sound effects can be controlled and varied across multiple events. This powerful concept allows the FSM Audio Renderer to assign sounds based on the property of the event. An animated character can walk from concrete to wood flooring and the generated audio will follow suit - automatically!

This feature also permits the looping of audio to fit the duration of event. If the duration changes, so does the length of the sound effect.

Got Sound?

Need some sound effects to get you started? How about over 800?!

Included with FSM is an integrated sound effects library editor and browser pre-stocked with 820 professionally recorded sound effects and music. Everything from background ambiences to footsteps and doors is included in this extensive sound library licensed from Sound Ideas. The library editor also allows you to add and catalog your own sound collection right from within MAX.

Only with FSM can you: 

  • Interactively add sound effects to new and existing .max animations
  • Effortlessly add advanced effects such as:
    • 3D Positioning
    • Doppler Shift
    • Distance Fade
    • Directional Sound Sources
    • Occlusion and Echo
  • Render audio based on the camera viewport in 1, 2, 4 or 6 channels
  • Trigger sound effects based on collision events with any mesh in your scene and automatically regenerate the audio when content of the animation changes.
  • Assign audio effects to Particle Systems
  • Use Acoustic Materials to assign properties to any object in your scene
  • Obtain unlimited looping and randomization of sound effects
  • Access over 800 professionally recorded sound effects