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SplineTools is a 3ds Max plugin that delivers a collection of 9 Spline related tools and enhancements. This plugin is available for 64 bit versions of 3ds MAX 2010 through to 2017.

SplineTools is a 3ds Max plugin that delivers a collection of 9 Spline related tools and enhancements.  The plugin is available for 64bit versions of 3ds MAX from 2010 to 2017. 

Overview of Tools Provided:

Freehand Spline: This new Spline Type allows the user to draw splines in the viewport “freehand” with knots automatically added.

NormalizeSpline2: An enhancement to the standard Normalize Spline, this tool provides a number of advanced options, including the ability to specify knot count as well as optionally retain nearby knots within a certain tolerance. This tool also adjusts soft selection values.

PathDeform2: An extensive update to PathDeform. Most notably, this modifier operates in Object-Space such that the modified object conforms the selected spline path. Options include the ability to animate the twist along the path of the spline as well having the deformed object adopt the Material ID of the underlying spline.

ReSpline: A high quality knot reduction tool that will optimally reduce the number of knots and adjust their handles in such a way as to reproduce the original spline as closely as possible.

Spline Influence: This tool permits the soft selection of spline knots based on proximity to other objects in the scene. This functionality is useful for applying subsequent modifiers selectively across the spline. For added functionality, be sure to obtain a copy of Boomer Labs' freeware plugin: Influence Helper.

Spline Relax: This relax function for splines smooths out spline knots and/or their associated handles.

Spline Morph: New in Version 1.1, this modifier provides Progressive and Blended morphing options for Splines.

Spline Overlap: New in Version 1.2, this modifier detects self-intersections of splines and displaces overlapping segments creating an overlap or piling effect.

Spline Mirror: New in Version 1.3, this modifier will create a duplicated version of the spline across a mirror axis specified with a gizmo.

Check out our Vimeo Page for some great examples of what SplineTools can do!