Also evaluating as a render pass manager

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Also evaluating as a render pass manager

Postby japetus » Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:57 pm

We are trying to evaluate new render pass managers at my company and are trying to move on from RPMananger. I like Vexus a lot (also coming from using Nuke), but have some workflow questions.

1.) Is there a way to enable and disable xrefs in your scene, either globally or individually? In our workflow we have to sometimes toggle on different xrefs. I saw the video where you can control through maxscript, but would be nice to have a node where you can have various xref's disabled or enabled for a pass.

2.) Is there a way to have like a master scene settings? Like in RPManager I would tend to make a pass at the top of the list that had everything set like I was going to do one big beauty render that I could duplicate as my starting point for various passes. I'm thinking specifically when I change object properties, is there a way to revert them all to the default object properties, or would that just be like making a non renderable pass? Also seems like something that could be in a Reset Helper? Like reset all object properties to default?

3.) Another common workflow we have is to use the RPManager material (like a multi-sub mat in Max) to toggle between different materials for different passes, besides using the Assign Material node, i was hoping to use the Vexus Material to toggle between Mats in different passes, thus keeping things a bit cleaner, would there be a way to change the Active Material ID per pass for the vexus material?

I'm sure more will crop up, but those are the questions that first struck me. Thanks for developing this great plugin!
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Re: Also evaluating as a render pass manager

Postby japetus » Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:29 am

I also found an issue when using render elements, every time I evaluate my node graph in order to render, it adds the elements again to the render elements list, so in this case I had 3 elements, and after a few renders I found that I had the same 3 elements duplicated in the list a bunch of times, they were going from Element node > Vray Input > Pass Input, like in the example video. I'm using 3ds Max 2017 and VRay 3.4.03
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Re: Also evaluating as a render pass manager

Postby jokermartini » Wed Nov 02, 2016 6:45 pm


Thanks for your input. To answer your questions:

1) No, not at the present. It's on the road-map of things to do. However I would like to know your input and ideas on how you would like to control the toggling of xrefs in your scenes? What controls would you like? Would you like to control xrefs by their name? This will help shape things moving forward.

2) No, at the moment we do not support this workflow. However you can revert object properties and vray properties of the entire scene using the Reset Helper node.

3) Yes, You can use the Vexus Toggle Material node in the graph. The Material Name setting controls which material to change to in 3ds Max for objects using the Vexus Material Toggle. If the Material Name is not found, it will use the Default slot in the material.

4) To avoid this issue, you should connect a Reset Helper node to the Input (Pre) of the Pass node, then enable 'Remove all render Elements. This will clear all elements before the new pass is built along with the new render elements.
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