Vexus 2.2 Released

Vexus 2.2 Released

 Boomer Labs and Joker Martini announce the release of Vexus 2.2.

Vexus is a standalone node-based editor for constructing, managing and manipulating 3ds MAX scenes. It allows users to work with massive scenes for both small and large projects. Vexus removes repetitive scene setup work with its dynamic tokening system and flexible framework, allowing for studio specific customization and is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for managing Render Passes in 3ds MAX.

 Vexus 2.2, choke full of new features and enhancements, including:

• Improved Python support
• Custom MXS nodes support files as a well as snippets
• New "Token Node"
• Integrate Camera with Shot Node
• Submissions can be canceled using <ESC>
• "Save Selected" option
• Maxscript access to .vx file submissions
• Global Token for project folder
• Unhide All Categories added to Pass node
• Autoback feature
• Progress bar during submissions
• Much improved Node Graph short cuts and mouse operations
• Various bug fixes and improvements

List price for the package is $200 USD per seat with support for 3ds MAX 2015 through 2018 and is a free upgrade for existing 2.x users. A downloadable demo version of Vexus and additional information is available at: