Vexus Updated to Release 1.2

Vexus Updated to Release 1.2

An extensive (and free) update to Vexus has been released with the following updates:


  • Added Shot Node
  • Added Environment Node
  • Render Properties Node
  • Auto Execute - Executes graph automatically upon changes
  • MAX Global Variables
  • Render Properties
  • Updated Icons and UI Theme
  • Removed unecessary UI controls
  • Added 'Open Recent' to File menu
  • Added ability for users to change color of Groupboxes
  • Backburner support


  • Maxscript submitter updated for Shot and Pass submission support
  • Improved Zoom feature
  • Added "Shot" token
  • Added NodeID for shot Nodes
  • Token support for Renders Current
  • Grab Pass Token at the Shot execution
  • Safety Check in SocketMXS if Nexus is busy
  • Improved Token Substitution
  • Support for renderer_properties attribute types
  • If a Token doesn't have a value assigned, then a MAX Global is queried for value, if that fails, the value is left blank

Bug Fixes

  • Regex support for \n in string (multiline fix)
  • Closing and unchanged file no longer prompts users to save
  • Fixed VRay bug where FrameBuffer output filepath is empty causes other settings to be missed


  • Reset Helpers existing in scenes created in prior versions (1.1 or lower) need to be recreated