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Nodes used for overriding general settings in the scene file.



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oCommon Settings


oRender Preset Toggle


oTime Output



Common Settings

Controls the settings found in the Render Setup dialog's common tab.




Save Render Output

When on, will save the render output.


Output Filepath

Defines where to save the rendered image.


Display Rendered Frame

When on, will disable the rendered frame, otherwise will not show the rendered frame.


Skip Existing Renders

Will skip existing rendered frames.




Controls the settings found in the Environment and Effects dialog under the Common Parameters rollout.




Background Color

When on, will save the render output.


Use Environment Map

Enables the use of the texture map in the background.


Texture Map Name

Map displayed in the environments background.


Global Lighting


Tint Color

Defines the tint color value.


Light Level

The intensity of the light level.


Ambient Color

Defines the ambient color value.



Render Preset Toggle

Assigns a render engine that was captured using the Vexus Helper. For more information check out Using Render Preset Toggle.




Renderer Name

The name specified by the user in the Vexus Helper's Render Engines Rollout. If the name is found, it will assign the associated render engine as the active renderer.




Controls the rendered output resolution.




Aperture Width (mm)

Defines the aperture width in millimeters.


Pixel Aspect

Defines the pixel's aspect ratio.


Render Width (px)

Defines the render width in pixels.


Render Height (px)

Defines the render height in pixels.



Time Output

Controls the frame range render output.





Controls which framerange output to use.



Will ignore this entire node from being used.



Will render the current frame set in 3ds Max.


Active Timeline

Uses the active timeline framerange in 3ds Max for the rendered output.



Will use the Range: Start and Range: End values for the rendered output framerange.



Users can define a custom framerange to render out.


Every Nth Frame

Sets the render dialog's nth frame value.


Range: Start

Sets the render dialog's time output start frame.


Range: End

Sets the render dialog's time output end frame.


Custom Range

Sets the render dialog's custom time output value.




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