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The property editor displays all the properties listed for the selected graph objects. The property panel will display up to three selected node's properties at a single time.





Property Editor Features

Below we will cover features found in the Property Editor.


Disabling Properties

Users can disable properties which they wish to not use and have ignored. This is useful when a node contains settings that users do not want to use.


Option 1: Right click the name of the property and disable it




Saving & Loading Presets

After a user has changed the properties of a node, they can save those settings as a preset, which can later be loaded onto nodes. When loading a preset, only presets compatible with the selected node will show in the list.


Option 1: Click the Menu button in the property panel and choose save preset and give it a unique name.




Disabling Nodes

When a node is disabled, it will be skipped over at time of execution. This means the node will have no affect on the final execution.


Option 1: Click the Enabled checkbox under the Base Properties rollout.

Option 2: In order to disable nodes in the graph, just select any number of nodes and press 'D' to toggle this property.




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