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The Token Editor gives artists the ability to create Key-Value pairs and then query those values from within the graph nodes and scripts.



Token Editor

Tokens are useful for create variables within the vexus graph where users may want to update a value in a single place and it propagate throughout.


Global Tokens: Tokens which are defined in the core application, and can be referenced using graph nodes.

CustomTokens: Tokens which are defined manually by the user, and can be referenced or edited using nodes in the graph.


A token's value can be queried from within the graph by using the Key prefixed with two dollars signs. For example here is how to query the current shot being execute:




Tokens can be used in a variety of ways. For example users who want to dynamically create folders based on a Shot node's name could do so using tokens.


Users can also combine tokens to create values. For example an artist could create a directory of folders to save renders for a Shot > Pass using the snippet below.




At the time of execution the tokens will be replaced with their defined values. If a path is defined using tokens, the folder structure will be automatically created at the time of execution.


Note:  You can have Tokens created using a maxscript by starting the Value entry with an "@" symbol followed by the path of an MXS script.  The result that is returned will be assigned the token.


@filein @"y:\\"
@filein @"y:/" 





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