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The settings dialog gives users control over customization of Vexus. Here users will be able to assign keyboard shortcuts, edit the visuals of the application's interfaces, and adjust general application settings. The settings dialog contains a search bar, giving artists an easy way to find what they are looking for.




This section contains general application related settings. In this section users can setup startup files, set default saving locations and default submission scripts. Below are more details covering the various settings.




Vexus Startup File

The startup file allows artists to launch Vexus with a graph template and predefined tokens. This is an optional feature, if the setting field is blank then the startup file will be ignored.




The connection section controls how Vexus communications with 3ds Max. The port numbers should be a four digit number for example 7002.


Client Port: number in Vexus should be the same number used for the Listen Port number in 3ds Max.

Server Port: number in Vexus should be the same number used for the Send Port in 3ds Max.

Automatic: When enabled, this will trigger the Vexus application to automatically execute the graph and send data to 3ds Max. The node which gets executed will be the node last executed by the user. This node is marked with an Arrow.



Python Path

This allow users to leverage the use of Python inside of Vexus in order to query or edit node properties within Vexus or from an external application.


Filepath: Path to the python executable.

Server Port: The TCP port which is to be used to communicate with Vexus.




This location defines where the user's presets will be saved. This location can be referencing a network location or local hard drive location depending on the users desired setup. It's suggested for teams, using Vexus, to place this location on the network so artists can share common node presets across the company.


Folderpath: The directory where the graph node presets will be saved and loaded from.




Provides users with the ability to have automatic backups create for their currently open graph.


Enabled Autoback: Enable or disable this feature.

Directory: Location where autoback files will be saved.




Templates gives teams and individuals the ability to easily save entire graph files as presets. Users can then later drag and drop these graph templates into other work files for quickly creating new graphs. It's suggested to make one template directory point to a local location and the second template directory point to a shared network location when working in teams. This allows users to share templates across the entire team.


Templates: Location where users can save and load their templates.

Shared Templates: Another location where users can save and load templates.



Submit Settings

The submit defaults define the maxscripts which get executed when a user clicks the 'Submit' button in the Shots panel.


Pre-script: This maxscript file will be executed prior to the the shots and passes being executed. This is useful for users who may need to define variables or settings prior to submission. For example if submitting to deadline, a pre-script could be used to display various properties a user may set prior to submitting to deadline.

Submit-script: This maxscript file will be executed after each Pass is executed for a shot. This is useful for users who may want to archive a file or submit a file to the farm. There are example scripts which ship with Vexus showing how to submit renders to deadline.

Post-script: This maxscript file will be executed after the completion of the entire submission process, which will be after all passes and shots marked for submission, are submitted.




Users can assign custom shortcuts to their desired commands. We will continue to expose more functionalities to make it easier for users to adjust the application to their desired needs.





This section provides customization of the graph view and interface of Vexus. Here users can control if the connection lines are curvy or straight, grid snapping options, color controls, and much more.





This section will list all the available graph nodes based on their categories. Items which are unchecked will no longer display inside of Vexus as well as the Hotbox. This make is easier for users to customize their version of Vexus related to the plugins and library nodes they may need for a particular project.




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