Release Notes


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Date – 2017/08/14


New Features

oMAX 2018 Support

oSwitch Node

oIsAuthorized() MXS command

o<ESC> Key accepted in MAX to cancel lengthy graph executions

oNode Sets Query support

oImproved "Quick Render" Implementation

o"Lights By Layer Name" Node

oPass Node adds Pass Setup options

oWhen executing a submission, brings MAX into focus

oUpdated Camera selection with built in frame range override

oChunk Frame Size option for Deadline Submitter

oV-Ray Support for VRayCryptomatte and VRAYLightSelect

oDisable Refresh option for improved execution time



Bug Fixes

oToken Evaluation improvements (longest to shortest)

oIncreased number of decimals supported in spinners

oMaxScript Token assignment for strings

oNested Layer selection fix

oMisc bug fixes and UI enhancements




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