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Date – 2016/12/11


New Features

oAdded Shot Node

oAdded Environment Node

oRender Properties Node

oAuto Execute - Executes graph automatically upon changes

oRender Properties

oUpdated Icons and UI Theme

oRemoved unnecessary UI controls

oAdded 'Open Recent' to File menu

oAdded ability for users to change color of Groupboxes

oBackburner support

oMax Global Variables




oMaxscript submitter updated for Shot and Pass submission support

oImproved Zoom feature

oAdded "Shot" token

oAdded NodeID for shot Nodes

oToken support for Renders Current

oGrab Pass Token at the Shot execution

oImproved Token Substitution

oSupport for renderer_properties attribute types

oIf a Token doesn't have a value assigned, then a Max Global is queried for value, if that fails, the value is left blank

oSafety Check in SocketMXS if Nexus is busy



Bug Fixes

oRegex support for \n in string (multiline fix)

oFixed VRay bug where FrameBuffer output filepath is empty causes other settings to be missed

oClosing and unchanged file no longer prompts users to save




oReset Helpers existing in scenes created in prior versions (1.1 or lower) need to be recreated




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