Setup And Installation


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Before you can use Vexus, you'll need to authorize the plugin. Please follow the directions below.



Node Locked/Floating License

Vexus currently only supports node locked licensing and does not support floating license.



Requesting and Loading Your License

1.Located at the bottom left corner of 3ds Max is the Maxscript listener. Type the following command in the listener and hit Enter on the keyboard.



2.The Authorize dialog will appear.


3.Make sure you are connected to the internet and select Request License File.

4.Fill out the requested information and select "Submit". You will receive an email within 48 hours (usually the same business day) with your license file.

5.Once you receive the license file, bring up the authorization dialog again (repeat steps 1). This time, select Load License File and select the license file you received in your email.

6.You should now be authorized and ready to use Vexus. If you have any problems during the installation process please Contact Support.




Moving or Removing a License

If you plan to move your license to new machine, you must first remove the license from your existing machine.


1.Request a license as before but indicate in the comment field that you are removing this license.

2.You will receive and uninstall license that you can load on your machine.

3.When you do so, a confirmation code will be displayed as shown in the image below.

4.Provide the removal code in the comment field when requesting a license on your new machine.

5.Failure to remove your license and provide the return code when moving to a new machine will prevent you from receiving a new license file. 




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