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This is the main interface into Vexus. The key responsibility for this module is to manage communication with the stand alone Vexus Node Editor. The Vexus Socket Listener is a global utility that runs in the background when 3ds Max loads. By default, Vexus will listen on port 7002 and execute commands that it receives from the Vexus Node Editor. The user can access the status panel for the Vexus Socket Listener by selecting Vexus from the list of options in the Utility Panel as shown below.




Interface - General


Provides additional information and as well as access to the licensing system.


Last Executed File

Displays the file path to the last executed file.


Last Executed Node

Displays the name of the node last executed from the file.


Launch Node Editor

Launches the Vexus Node Editor with the last executed file if the file exists.


Launch Graph Viewer

Provides an interface for loading and executing Vexus (.vx) files as well as viewing the current graph from the last execution.


Enable Listening/Sending

Enables/Disables Vexus port listening and sending.


Listen Port

Specifies which port to listen on. Acceptable values are from 7000 to 7009 and the default value is 7002.


Send Port

Specifies which port to send commands to which the Vexus Node Editor application is listening on. Acceptable values are from 7010 to 7019 and the default value is 7011



Provides a simple status update of the plugin operation.


Redraw Viewports

Indicates if Vexus should update the MAX viewport during execution.  For large scenes, disabling this option will improve execution time.



Tells Vexus how much information to display in the Max Listener window. Values are Off, On and Debug. The Debug setting is intended as an aid in debugging communications with the other program.


Save Settings On Close

Indicates if you want the settings you have should be saved for loading on next use.




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