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The pop-up dialog displays data related to the current node's parameter. This example uses the Objects By Layer Name to demonstrate a use case. The dialog contains two main fields. The left side displays all the available layer names found in 3ds Max and the right side displays the current parameter values.



All items highlighted in green, on the left, represent the items that will be included by the current node. This is useful when using a wildcard to determine values to be affected. For more information see the Using * Wildcard. The examples below show various ways to make object selections using a wildcard as well as regular alphabetical characters.


Exact Selection

This example shows by using the exact name of the item on the left, Chr_Animals, that it will be the only item affected.




Wildcard Selection

In this example both items starting with Chr_ will be affected.




Wildcard Select All

In this example all items will be affected.




Select Items That Contain Letter

In this example all items that contain the letter A will be affected.




Wildcard Select All

In this example two sets of items will be affected.







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