Focusing on fulfilling the unaddressed areas of 3ds MAX user needs, Boomer Labs has developed several truly innovative tools. Below is a brief list of some of our commercial products.

MAX2AE is a full feature plugin for 3dsmax R9 and higher that bridges the gap between MAX and After Effects. Finally an easy, accurate and highly efficient way to integrate After Effects elements into your MAX renders, matching all aspects and parameters of Max cameras, lights and objects. 

SuperMesher is a 3DSMax plugin that allows you to cache animated geometry regardless of its topology and number of objects including pFlow particles. The cache is baked out to a separate file which can be loaded into any version of MAX R9 or higher. No reference is held to the original objects so they can be deleted or modified without consequence. Because the result is one single mesh, SuperMesher automatically generates appropriate material IDs and Multi-Sub materials.

pMorph is a 3ds Max plugin that delivers Progressive Morphing – the ability to have the animation of a modified object be driven by the selection of frame(s) from the animation of another object. With pMorph, 3ds MAX users can now accomplish complex animated sequences in a snap, which otherwise would have been nearly impossible!

Spline Tools 
SplineTools is a 3ds Max plugin that delivers a collection of 8 Spline related tools and enhancements. 

GeoMaps is a collection of 3ds MAX maps that allows the user to shade the underlying object based on its geometry. This unique capability permits geometry based shading – a capability not previously available on with 3ds MAX.

Sound Trax 
This integrated multi-track audio editor allows MAX users to edit audio tracks directly within 3ds max. Designed for users who require multi-track audio composition features such as animated volume, multi channel playback and support for up to 100 audio tracks, this plugin is an essential part of any MAX user's tool kit. In 2008, Autodesk licensed Sound Trax for inclusion in 3ds MAX and renamed the product ProSound.

Foley Studio MAX 
This award-winning product allows 3ds max users to effortlessly add audio files that interact with your scenes in 3D space. Complete with features such as Collision Detection, Doppler Shift, Distance Decay and 3D positioning, Foley Studio MAX gives you the ability to turn your 3ds max environment into a fully functional sound. 

Custom Plugin Development 
Boomer Labs has a long standing history of developing cutting edge plugins for animation industry clients. This includes writing tools for use in a Disney movie title, a Lucas Arts game title and many other consulting clients. Does your studio require some custom development? Drop us a line and let us know! 

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