NewView is a 3DSMax plugin that allows users to view their scenes using an detached, time independent viewport. The plugin is available for 3ds MAX 2018 through 2024.

Key Features of NewView

NewView has many unique features that enhance the production pipeline. Here are a few examples.

 Floating Viewport: NewView's viewport is detached from 3ds MAX meaning that you can place it anywhere on your desktop, including your second monitor.

 Time Independent: NewView frees you from viewing your scene strictly in current frame of 3ds MAX's time line. With NewView, you can edit on frame 100 and see your result immediately on frame 200.

 Animatible: With NewView, you can playback your animations in real time as you edit.

 Independent Object Selection: The objects you view are independent of your object visibility within the scene. This allows the user to focus on editing in 3ds MAX and preview in NewView.

 Fast Export: NewView includes the ability to quickly export animation previews (including Alpha information) for export of your scene many times faster and easier than 3ds MAX.

 Imagine having the entire second screen for viewing your animation!


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