Display your 3ds MAX scenes on your Oculus Rift Headset!

NewView VR is a 3ds MAX plugin that allows users to view their scenes in real time with the Oculus Rift headset. The plugin is available for 64 bit versions of 3ds MAX 2018 through 2023.


Key Features of NewView VR


 NewView VR is the first MAX plugin providing native Oculus Support and provides the following capabilities:


 Oculus Rift Headset Support: Oculus Rift headset is fully supported, along with screen mirroring to window to show others what is the viewer is seeing.


 Independent Keyboard Navigation: VR Camera panning is possible along independent walkthroughs for the Viewer.


 Animation Support: Viewport projections mirror the current MAX scenes in realtime, including during animation playback.



Click above for a overview of NewView VR