Multi EXR, named selections and licensing

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Multi EXR, named selections and licensing

Post by mIIw »

Hi guys,
Well done on Vexus, it's a neat piece of software.
Dipping my toes in in it and so far it looks really nice.
Few things are bugging me and I'd like to get some clarifications here and there.
1. Multi layered EXR support. I didn't find a way to output that. Is there something I'm missing or there's no way of doing that yet?
2. Ability to use named selection sets as a way to call objects.
3. Licensing. We've got a lot of freelancers working at the studio and the machines a reassigned on a constant base. So that makes us strongly towards floating license systems. Is there any plans to implement that for Vexus in the future and if not, at least make the process of moving licenses from one machine to another easier?

Keep up the work,


PS: Another question is concerning the common setting node. It doesn't seem to plug into anything else than a shot node. Is that by design? It would make sense to be able to plug it in a pass node too I'd imagine.
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