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Date - 2018/05/01


Vexus 3.0 Offline Help File Can Be Found Here


New Features

oMax 2019 support

oIntegrated Python Interpretor - Getter and Setters for node property manipulation

oVexus Graph Updater - Updates old graphs upon opening of old vx files

oIteration support - Submitting multiple shots and pass per camera while altering scene contents

oUI Enhancements

oWacom tablet support

oQuerying Atmospherics

oExecute nodes per pin, based on Y position

oEnabling/Disabling of individual parameters within a graph node

oDescriptions - Details describing nodes selected in the graph

oMulti-camera support - Submitting multiple cameras per shot

oTemplates - Users can define predefined graph node networks

oShortcuts - Users can now define custom keyboard shortcuts for application commands

oZooming - Now compatible with tablet users or artists now using a mouse containing a wheel

oSubmission canceling capabilities

oAutoback - Graphs are now saved periodically

oModifier Isolate - New graph node that allows users to isolate a modifier within the stack of specified scene objects or the entire scene

oGrid Align - Aligns selected nodes or all graph nodes, to the underlining grid point intersections

oWalk Hierarchy - Using keyboard shortcuts, users can now select child or parent nodes, walking the hierarchy of connections in th graph

oSave Selected as template shortcut added to File menu

oNew slider control for all integer and float parameters

oAdded Separator support to property panel

oNotes - Users can now add text notes into the graph

oEnabling/Disabling of individual parameters

oKeyboard Improvements

octrl + shift + click line : Duplicates connections

oshift + click line : Reassign connection

octrl + click or ctrl + click + drag : Appends to selection

oalt + MMB + drag : Zooms in or zooms out

oAlt + Click Connection : Deletes connection

o@ support for referencing external script files from within Vexus graph nodes



Modified Features

oGroupboxes - Improve selection logic

oNode Library - Has been reorganized

oResize Grip For Groupboxes - Can now be resized anywhere along the entire border of the groupbox node

oHidden Scroll bars in main graph editor viewport

oCleaned up settings dialog design

oHover selection highlight for connections

oProperty panel redesign

oNew theme for application

oNode 'Type' definition in XML

oFloats - Now have ability to define decimals

oColor property redesign

oExpanded Maxscript capability

oAdded Align to Grid graph operation

oFloats - Now have ability to define decimals

oColor property redesign



Bug Fixes

oPort connection issues

oWindows 10 fix for missing icons

oLocalization improvements

oDeleting of nodes crashes Vexus application

oAlignment bug fix for nodes inside groupboxes

oHotbox - Scroll bug when opening previously used hotbox would start scroll in wrong location

oProperty panel name updating

oDuplicate connections could cause dependency loop, now resolved



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