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Date – 2017/03/12


New Features

oIntegrated Submission UI, Deadline submission improvements

oStreamlined UI and Node Appearance

oNode Insertion/Deletion improvements

oRight Click ""Enable/Disable", "Execute", "Quick Render" options

oSnippet editor improvements

oSettings dialog and new setting Options

oStartup Graph support

oUser layout saved between sessions

oSupport for Node Preset Settings

oCamera selection supports regular expressions

oImproved Drag & Drop support (Open/Merge)

oCustom MXS Node

oRender Preset Node

oGeneric Light Node

oReroute Node

oRender Settings Node

oObject Visibility Node

oRedshift Render Element Node

oKrakatoa Render Element Node

oOctane Render Element Node

oCorona Render Element Node

oLess Verbose output, improved error checking

oEliminate snippet 512 character limit

oBillboard option for Vexus Helper icon

oIsNodeEnabled MXS command

oTokens can now overwrite prior assigned values and be assigned using Maxscript snippets within the token editor


oNew Output Settings node

oColor support for VRay Override nodes

oSELF node token

oRender Element support for unique bitmap paths

oGrid and Grid Snap Support

oUser definable graph connection and grid colors

oEditor workspace panning using SPACE bar

oEditor node insert with "X" key



Bug Fixes

oImproved Socket Communications

oReroute Node fix

oVRay - Split Output Path fix

oCommon Render Settings output type fix

oCommon Render Settings fix for legacy files

oFix for spaces in node names for addition in Render Elements

oRemoved "VRayDenoiser" from VRay nodes as no longer supported in VRay 3.5 and higher

oVarious Vexus Editor UI tweaks, including improved input/output pin labeling

oVarious Vexus Plugin tweaks, including improved error handling/messaging

oVray property fixes (6)

oScanline and Corona Render node fix

oImproved socket listener, fixed "bad tail" error

oRender Options re-opened if closed through vexus action

oImproved Drag & Drop support in Vexus Helper

oVexus Material preview improvements



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