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Date – 2016/10/05


New Features

o2 Way communication support for capture of: Selected Nodes, Layers, Lights, Cameras, Materials and Textures directly from 3ds Max to reduce typing and user error

oMXS File, MXS Snippet, Python Snippet nodes can (optionally) pass/create node selections

oCorona Renderer support (renderer and render elements)

oMaxScript generation of tokens

o"Scene Selection" node uses the existing node selection in the scene as part of the node graph

oTrack last executed file and node

oLaunch Vexus option

oPerformance optimizations, can now apply or change materials much faster. 10,000 nodes takes around 1 second.

oFailed message delivery indication

o3ds Max busy check, render slave check

oNon existent file paths created if they don't exist

oMuch improved execution speed, reduced redraws/updates

oVexusMtl: Increased slots to 16

oVexusMtl: Auto populate the Material Slot name on initial selection

oVexusHelper: Increased slots to 16

oZooming and zoom extents improved

oRecent files list added to File menu

oSupport for multiple max instances




o.xml file cleanup

oUpdate render selection on capture

o.vx file association



Bug Fixes

oFixed Pre-Pass Overrides all

oFixed Self Illumination settings not updated (VexusMtl)

oFixed Modifier Toggle not updating if modify panel was open

oFixed VexusHelper to reset on new

oVexusHelper: Fixed drag-n-drop beyond 10 slots

oFixed Render Toggle in first slot

oFixed Listen() function in demo

oFixed Render Toggle when Panel not open



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